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Having worked in education for 17 years, I combine my skills as a teacher, trainer and therapist to give clients the most helpful tools and techniques to help them overcome their anxiety, fears and phobias; tools and techniques which can be used quickly and easily at any time and in virtually any place.

I am an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the General Hypnotherapy Council and the Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council. I draw upon my counselling based skills and those from my background as a drama teacher when working with groups and with individuals.

Individual Sessions

Face to Face and Online


I offer face to face therapy in the East Sussex area. I understand, however, that if you suffer from anxiety, even stepping outside your own front door can be overwhelming. You may therefore prefer to have online counselling. This can be just as effective as having a face to face session. I aim to make it as easy as possible for you to get the support you need quickly and efficiently.

Please get in touch to arrange a free 15 minute exploratory telephone consultation.




In conjunction with Anxiety UK

Parents are the experts when it comes to their child. My key role is to highlight helpful tools that the parent already uses in order to increase confidence in their ability to help their child.

Working collaboratively with parents  and carers of children aged between 5 and 12 , I provide them with cognitive behavioural strategies that they can use at home in order to help their child overcome anxiety.

The course consists of six support sessions (4 x 1 hour either face-to-face by phone or web cam) and 2 x 15 minute sessions over the phone.

A free copy of 'Helping your Child with Fears and Worries' by Prof Cathy Creswell and Lucy Willetts is included in the programme.

Please email for more details or to arrange a free 15 minute exploratory conversation.

Further information can be found at Anxiety UK

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Using a number of evidence based techniques, these workshops provide you with a safe place to examine options and identify any self-destructive patterns of thinking and behaving.


I use a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and clinical hypnotherapy in these workshops, as evidence suggests that this approach can be most effective in reducing anxiety and promoting confidence.


- Techniques explored include:

- Breathing and relaxation

- Thought re-shaping

- Guided visualisation

- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

For further information on booking a place on a workshop, please get in touch.

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I provide a safe space to express feelings in a non-judgemental environment. A place were participants can listen, share, talk, learn from each other in a professionally facilitated, mutually supportive atmosphere. 

For more information, please use the contact form.

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